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When a company manufactures defective tires, it puts innocent people at risk of suffering serious injuries. Defective tires can cause incredibly serious accidents in normal passenger cars, and when they are placed on Recreational vehicles (RVs), defective tires can make an accident turn catastrophic.

RVs are large vehicles weighing thousands of pounds more than a normal car, if a defective tire is placed on an RV, the resulting accident can have terrible affects on both the occupants of the RV, as well as the occupants of any other vehicles it collides with.

There are many different RV tire defects that can result in serious accident. Some of the most common defects seen in RV tires, include:

  • Tire Tread Separation - These occur when the adhesive used to attach the rubber tire tread to the inner-steel belts is defective, causing the tread to sheer off during high speeds. When this occurs, it can cause the driver to loose control of the vehicle, rolling over, or colliding with another vehicle.
  • Sidewall Failures - If the sidewall of an RV tire is defective, it can explode during inflation, injuring the person filling the tires as well as bystanders that may be present.
  • Bead Wire Failures - The weakest part of any tire is the bead wire that helps attach the tire to the rim of the vehicle. When the bead wire is defective, it can lead to tire blowouts at high speeds.

The most recent defective RV tire scare is a Goodyear model of tire that has been placed on many different RVs. The model #G159 in size 275/70 22.5 is very unsafe for RV use because it has a history of de-treading and failing.

At the moment, there are thousands of RVs operating with this dangerous tire. If you have an RV with the G159, we suggest you replace your tires immediately, a tread separation or blowout can lead to a serious RV accident, and leave you suffering from serious injury or even death.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an RV accident and you believe it is the result of defective RV tires, it is important that you speak with an experienced defective product and auto accident attorney today. Defective product claims are difficult to handle alone because there are many different parties that may be responsible for manufacturing the defective RV tires.

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