motorcycle helmet law mobile alabama attorneyThe state of Alabama requires anyone riding on a motorcycle as driver or passenger to wear a helmet. The specifics of this law state:

  • Your motorcycle helmet must have a hard exterior shell made of non-shatterable material that is resistant to impact and penetration
  • Your helmet must have a shock absorbent cradle for your head that separates the outer shell of the helmet from your head
  • Your helmet must contain impact-resistant, absorbent padding in all areas where your head may come into contact with the outer shell
  • Your helmet must have a permanently attached, adjustable chin strap
  • Your chin strap must be secured at all times while the motorcycle is in motion
  • No visor is required; however, if you have a helmet visor, it must be flexible, snap-on, and no more than a quarter inch above the exterior shell surface

The fine for violating motorcycle helmet laws in Alabama is $90.

Furthermore, if you are the parent or legal guardian of a juvenile, it is illegal to knowingly permit your child to drive or ride on a motorcycle without proper headgear. Manufacturers and retailers are prohibited from selling motorcycle helmets that do not meet the standards established by Alabama state law.

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