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In a decision that could have far-reaching impacts for those harmed by inadequately labeled or otherwise dangerous generic drugs, the Alabama Supreme Court recently ruled that a plaintiff could sue Wyeth Inc.—the maker of the gastric reflux medication Reglan—for injuries caused by a generic version of Reglan produced by another manufacturer. If you or a family member was harmed by a defective prescription drug, the Mobile, Alabama, product liability attorneys at Long & Long may be able to help you recover the financial compensation you need to cope with resulting medical expenses, lost income and other damages. We are proud to serve as advocates for innocent consumers harmed by dangerous medications and other faulty products. In an 8-1 ruling, the Alabama Supreme Court said that brand-name pharmaceutical company Wyeth could be held liable for misrepresenting Reglan’s risks even though the plaintiff was treated with a generic version of the medication. In the case before the court, the plaintiff was treated with metoclopramide, the generic version of the prescription digestive aid Reglan. The plaintiff later developed tardive dyskinesia, a muscle disorder linked to use of Reglan. Wyeth and a number of manufacturers of metoclopramide are facing hundreds of lawsuits nationwide alleging misrepresentation of risks for side-effects. If you or a loved one suffered harm caused by a defective prescription drug or other dangerous product, please contact Long & Long for your free case consultation. Our accomplished Mobile, Alabama, product liability attorneys welcome clients from the greater Mobile area and throughout Alabama.

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