Amby Baby USA is recalling its hammock beds called Amby Baby Motion Beds because of two suffocations in 2009. These have been sold in the U.S. since 2003 and consist of a steel frame with a fabric hammock arrangement connected by a spring and metal crossbar. The hammock sways gently from side to side and the netting cover can be zipped up for safety and protection from insects.

Recalled beds can be identified by a label on them that says “Amby–Babies Love It, Naturally”. There about 24,000 being recalled. They were made in China and sold in the U.S. for $250. Amby Baby sells over the internet.

The two babies who were suffocated became wedged at the side of the hammock because of the sideways tilting motion and the fabric blocked their breathing. One baby was in Lawrenceville, Georgia and the other was in Gresham, Oregon.

Baby’s Father Suing Amby Baby USA

The father of the baby in Oregon, one Jonathan Kuzma, has filed a suit against Amby Baby USA demanding $5 million. His son was five months old. The suit claims that the hammock was defective and dangerous and caused his son to suffocate.

A Repair Kit Available

Amby Baby is offering a free repair kit this month. If you have one of these hammock beds you are advised to stop using it immediately until you can get the kit and repair it. The Amby Baby site has a request form and also gives a phone number if you have questions. As of December 8, 2009, the kit was to be available in “4-6 weeks”.

In Canada there is no repair kit offered and the company is requesting that parents disassemble the beds and dispose of them. There have been no reports in Canada of injury or death because of these baby beds. Presumably there will be a refund although the Canada Advisory does not currently state that. Health Canada, the equivalent of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, recommends that only children more than six years of age be given a hammock style bed.

Since cradles have been used for centuries to lull babies to sleep, it would seem that this hammock bed was a good idea and should be comfortable and safe. For thousands of babies it has been safe, but two deaths are enough to cause a defective product recall.

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