When you maintain insurance to protect your property in the event of a tornado, hurricane or fire, you rightly expect your insurance provider to fairly compensate you when disaster strikes. Yet as many in Mobile, Alabama, learned in the aftermath of the Christmas Day tornado, recovering adequate compensation from insurance companies is not so easy.

That’s why the Alabama insurance lawyers at Long & Long are here. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping commercial, residential and nonprofit property owners get the financial security they need to rebuild in the wake of natural disasters.

C. Bennett Long has an extensive record of success helping victims of tornadoes, fires and other disasters. He was recently profiled in the Mobile publication Lagniappe for his work with the Sweet Pilgrim Baptist Church, which was badly damaged in the Christmas tornado.

The Lagniappe article details the devastation wrought on the church by the tornado and the difficulties church leaders had in dealing with their insurance provider. Mr. Long is currently working on the case to help ensure that the church receives fair compensation for the tornado damages.

In the feature, Mr. Long describes the process of representing insurance policyholders against their providers: “As a policyholders’ attorney, we manage the entire claims process and, most importantly, create a critical communication barrier between the insurance company and our client.”

Mr. Long adds that when it comes to coping with insurance companies after a disaster such as a tornado, “People just don’t know what they’re up against.”

If you live in Alabama and suffered property damage due to a tornado, fire or other disaster for which you have an insurance policy, please contact Long & Long for your free case consultation.

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