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Every year infants suffer irreversible brain injuries due to errors committed by healthcare professionals during the birthing process. The failure to identify or treat problems during pregnancy, or labor and delivery including infections, genetic abnormalities and injuries that occur during labor and deliver, often result in neurological damage that causes life-altering consequences.

Birth injuries range from the mild to the severe. Minor bruising from the use of forceps, facial paralysis, brachial palsy (Erb’s palsy), fractures and brain injuries can occur. Prolonged or difficult labor (dystocia) can lead to a birth injury because it causes oxygen deprivation to the fetus. Cerebral palsy is a chronic medical condition that results from brain damage during the birthing process.

The financial burden of caring for a birth injured child can be devastating and overwhelming for most families and will last a lifetime. Our birth injury attorneys at Long & Long, Attorneys at Law have the knowledge and expertise to assess liability for the negligence that caused the injuries to your child at birth.

If your child suffered an injury at birth in the Mobile, Alabama area, please contact the compassionate birth injury attorneys at Long & Long, Attorneys at Law today to protect the legal rights of your child and get the financial compensation you need to provide for a lifetime of care.

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