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Alabama Injury Accident Attorneys

The Mobile, Alabama, injury lawyers at Long & Long are dedicated to helping personal injury victims and their family members pursue the financial security they need to cope with medical…

Seeking Care For A Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain injuries can be mild, such as a mild concussion sustained in childhood play, sports etc. and no particular treatment may be necessary. However, only a medical professional could make…

Understanding The Concept Of Negligence

In a law context, negligence is behavior that falls below the standards set by law for protecting others from unreasonable risk of harm. In a lawsuit, the plaintiff must prove…

Carbon Monoxide: Part 3

This post is the third and last post (for now, anyway) on the subject of carbon monoxide (CO). CO Poisoning Symptoms Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms occur in the two body…

Carbon Monoxide: Part 2

Carbon monoxide can poison a person within minutes and causes more deaths than any other poison. Part of its danger is that we cannot see, taste, or smell it. On…

Carbon Monoxide: Part 1

We hear a lot about both carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, so what is the difference? They are very different gases because the first is everywhere and necessary for life,…

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