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Tropical depression Bonnie moved overland on Sunday without causing any disasters and crews are back at work on the Gulf cleanup. While Bonnie has faded out harmlessly, it is hurricane season and future storms and hurricanes could create disasters.

Be Prepared For Bonnie’s Successor

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness website gives instructions on how to protect yourself and your family by becoming prepared and staying informed about approaching hurricanes.

The Family Plan describes all the basics in three sections:
1.All items you should have in your emergency kit
2.How to prepare an evacuation plan including what to do when a hurricane watch or hurricane warning is issued, how to protect your home, valuables, and pets, and how to accommodate any person with special needs.
3.How to best stay informed, including signing up for emergency alerts to be sent to your cell phone or other device and how to use Twitter for emergency updates.

If Bonnie had become a major hurricane:
•Shelters were ready for about 43,000 people (both in and outside of Louisiana)
•37,000 hot meals would have been served within eight hours
•Grand Isle was well supplied with cots, food, and water in case people there were unable to evacuate
•Sandbags and sand baskets were in position to protect low lying areas outside the levee system
•The DOTD already had extended work hours and were keeping the I-10 Mississippi River Bridge open
•People were on standby to close siphons and flood gates when necessary.

All this preparation is of course not wasted, as it will help against future hurricanes this season. Louisiana residents will be far more prepared and protected this year than they were for Hurricane Katrina. If you live in Alabama, please take advantage of the above URLs and information. Meanwhile, Alabama Gov. Bob Riley is leaving for England to attend the Farnborough International Air Show, hoping to bring some jobs back for Alabama residents.

Governor Jindal’s site also gives daily reports on Gulf oil sightings and updates on cleanup activities. Now that Bonnie’s potential danger has passed, skimmers are at work again. Gov. Jindal has directed the Louisiana National Guard to track deployment of Coast Guard skimmers. There are 389 skimmers, all of which were suspended from work over the weekend. They include Navy boats, vessels of opportunity, and shallow water barges.

For more on the BP Gulf oil spill, please see Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Please also watch this space for Part 2 this week of Bonnie Fizzles and Cleanup Resumes.

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