Last week, a nine-year-old boy and his friend were riding their bicycles in Disney World, Florida. It was a busy time of day, with a lot of schools closed for the Easter break and families therefore visiting Disney World and other places. A bus was driving along the same road as the two children in the same direction when the boy’s bike veered from the pavement to the road (there was no curb).

The child and his bike hit the side of the bus and he was thrown under its front rear wheel. According to Sgt. Kim Montes of the Florida Highway Patrol, there was no evidence that the bus driver had been negligent or reckless. Investigation is not complete, but Montes did not expect any criminal charges to be filed. The girl riding with the boy was not hurt.

Other Recent Accidents at Disney World

On March 23, a Disney World bus rear-ended a tour bus and in this case, the Disney World driver was cited for careless driving. Seven of his passengers and he himself were injured although not seriously. The tour bus had been “improperly stopped” on the road, which contributed to the accident.

Earlier in March, two of Disney World’s monorail trains collided, killing one of the operators. After investigation was complete, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fined Disney World $35,200 for workplace violations.

Bus accidents can be far more damaging than car accidents in that buses carry so many more passengers. If a car overturns in an ordinary car accident, it can certainly be a disaster, but not on the scale of a full bus overturning. A busload of hurt people cannot all be treated at once in the same emergency room; therefore several ambulances are needed to take people to multiple hospitals. The ensuing chaos at the scene of the accident can also be more dangerous, with a damaged bus blocking the road and more traffic backup.

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