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Scientists in Gulf Coast states like Alabama are investigating a large spike in the number of dead juvenile dolphins washing up on shore. Since the beginning of 2011, about 80 dolphin carcasses have been discovered along the Gulf Coast, from Florida to Louisiana. More than half of the dead dolphins were calves.

Scientists are not ruling out the possibility that the dolphin die-off is a result of last year’s BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, but the exact cause remains unknown. In fact, even if the Deepwater Horizon oil spill did kill the baby dolphins, it may be hard to find concrete proof.

Unlike other pollutants like DDT, the chemicals in petroleum are hydrocarbons, which are processed and eliminated quickly by mammals like dolphins. Without evidence of hydrocarbon poisoning in the dolphins’ tissues, a direct link to the BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill may be impossible to establish.

More Controversy over Feinberg, GCCF Oil Spill Claims

The overall environmental impact of the BP oil spill make take decades to assess and quantify, but the economic impact of last year’s Gulf oil spill continues to plague Alabama and other Gulf Coast States. Meanwhile, Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) administrator Kenneth Feinberg is being sued for fraud by a Florida marine salvage company after his claims of independence from BP were debunked in US District Court.

Feinberg’s law firm accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from BP for their work recruiting scientists to BP’s oil spill cover-up effort. GCCF has since cut ties with the Brunini law firm, but Feinberg has remained in his post as administrator.

Despite this blatant conflict of interest, Feinberg said this week that he would seek to deny about 80% of the remaining oil spill claims against BP for lack of documentation. Nonetheless, BP is still criticizing Feinberg and the GCCF for being too generous in payouts to BP Gulf Oil Spill victims.

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