Britax is recalling approximately 55,000 car seats because of a choking hazard associated with children chewing through the restraint straps of these defective products. The Mobile, Alabama, injury attorneys at Long & Long are dedicated to protecting the rights of innocent consumers and their families. If your child was injured by a Britax car seat or other faulty product, we may be able to help you recover financial compensation for medical expenses and other resulting damages through a product liability lawsuit. The Britax car seat recall affects Boulevard 70 G3, Advocate 70 G3 and Pavilion 70 G3 convertible-style car seats made between June 2012 and August 2012 with the following model numbers:

  • E9LJ91A
  • E9LJ91M
  • E9LJ91S
  • E9LJ92E
  • E9LJ93P
  • E9LJ93S
  • E9LK91A
  • E9LK31A
  • E9LK31Q
  • E9LK32D
  • E9LK32Z
  • E9LK33Q
  • E9LL11A
  • E9LL11Q
  • E9LL12D
  • E9LL12Z
  • E9LG81A
  • E9LG83N
  • E9LG83P
  • E9LG83X
  • E9LG83Y
  • E9LL21A
  • E9LL23P
  • E9LL23Y

These car seats feature soft material in the chest-pad restraints that children have chewed off. Consumers with these car seats should contact Britax at 1-888-427-4829 for replacement information. If your child suffered harm as a result of a Britax car seat or other defective product, please contact Long & Long for your free case consultation.

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