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If you have suffered a work injury that is causing you to seek the representation of an Alabama workers’ compensation attorney, you may be afraid that your employer will fire or punish you for filing a workers’ comp claim. Many workers wonder about the effect their claim will have on their employment status.

Questions injured workers may ask include:

  • Can I get fired for filling a workers’ compensation claim?
  • How much will my workers’ compensation claim hurt the company I work for?
  • Will my claim negatively affect my performance review?
  • Does my employer still have to pay my workers’ comp if they fire me?
  • What if my employer refuses to give me my job back when I go back to work?

These questions are good examples of the misconceptions people have about workers’ compensation. Not only does workers’ comp save your employers, but it is also extremely illegal to retaliate against any employee that files a workers’ compensation claim.

Most employers are happy to abide by the central compromise of workers’ compensation. In this compromise, employees give up their right to sue an employer if they are injured on the job, and the employer promises to pay the worker’s medical expenses and a portion of their wages for a set period of time. This agreement benefits employers and employees alike, but some unscrupulous employers still try to intimidate employees into not receiving workers’ compensation.

There are strict laws against retaliation in workers’ comp. If you fear retaliation from an employer after being injured on the job, you should contact Long & Long’s workers’ compensation attorneys immediately. We will fight to protect your rights, and will secure you the compensation you deserve. Call (251) 432-2277 for assistance in the Mobile area or anywhere in Alabama.

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