This Wednesday proved deadly for three Alabama residents who died in two separate fatal car accidents within hours of each other that night in Chelsea, Alabama and Hatton, Alabama.

Just after dinner time, Foy and Julia Counts were driving to church in Sheffield when they turned onto Alabama Highway 157 and were struck in a rear-end collision by a speeding vehicle, killing them instantly. Their car was smashed with such force that the rear bumper was pushed up close to the front seat where the couple sat. The driver who hit them was also injured and was taken to Helen Keller Hospital for to be treated for his car accident injuries.

Just a few hours later, Rhonda Price suffered fatal injuries in a car accident on Highway 280 in Chelsea, Alabama near Birmingham. She was rushed to Shelby Baptist Hospital for treatment, but was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. The other driver, a teenager, was unhurt.

Wrongful deaths in Alabama car accidents have been declining in recent years, partly thanks to safety efforts by Alabama law enforcement and highway improvements. However, fatal car accidents like those that took three lives Wednesday continue to occur, and Long & Long is committed to supporting the families of car accident victims and those injured in car accidents in Alabama. We help encourage safe driving by making sure that reckless and negligent drivers who cause wrongful deaths in car accidents are held accountable for their actions.

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