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As the holiday weekend is fast on approach the Mobile, Alabama lawyers at Long & Long wish you a safe and fun holiday. During this weekend, thousands of Alabamans will travel all around the south, increasing traffic and the need for safety.

With this weekend coming, our Alabama attorneys wish to extend the following reminders about what to do in a car accident:

  • Remain calm – a car accident may be terrifying, but remaining calm is the best way to handle the scenario
  • Contact the authorities – the police can help you document the scene and protect yourself
  • Call your Alabama car accident attorney – our legal team can help you stay protected if you decide to file a lawsuit and can speak with the insurance companies for you
  • Document the scene – take pictures, record license plate numbers, and exchange insurance informationCar accident lawyers - Long & Long | Alabama
  • Contact your insurance company but do not admit fault – never admit fault, even if you believe you may have been at fault, but let your insurance company know what has happened
  • See your physician – car accident injuries can take a while to manifest themselves, so always see your doctor to make sure you’re not injured

The Alabama attorneys at Long & Long wish you a safe holiday weekend and, if you need any help from a car accident attorney, please contact us or call (251) 432-2277.

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