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Cellphone Use and Car Accidents

The National Safety Council reports that one in four serious or fatal car accidents is caused by cellphone use. This includes texting and typing, both of which are illegal in…

Cell Phone Courtesy In Your Car

July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, a month designed to promote the considerate and responsible use of one’s cell phone in public areas. While there are a large number…

Phones and Cars: A Deadly Combination

The more distractions you have while driving, the greater the chance you will get into a car accident. Some distractions, like changing a radio station, are relatively minor and don’t…

You May Be Driving Distracted and Not Know It

The National Security Council named April Distracted Driving Awareness Month and our Mobile, Alabama car accident attorneys want to join them in getting the message out. When thinking of distracted…

Intense Distracted Driving Demonstration

Unknowing movie-goers sat awaiting their film to begin when Volx Wagon ran this very pointed ad. Utilizing a location-based broadcaster that allowed them to tap into every cell phone in…

10 Facts About Distracted Driving

With the occurrences of distracted driving on the rise, the government is trying to raise awareness about it. They have put together this website to compile facts about distracted driving.…

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