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A Los Angeles based electronic-cigarette manufacturer, Fumizer, is facing a class-action lawsuit from a smoker that attests that the company made false claims about their product. According to the smoker leading the suit, Fumizer claimed that smoking their e-cigs could lead to “healthy smoking” and that this is in disagreement with government warnings about the dangers of nicotine.

The lawsuit also claims that the Fumizer e-cig manual states that smoking their e-cigs can help a smoker quit smoking, which doesn’t agree with other marketing materials that claim that e-cigs cannot help you quit smoking.

Defective Product Attorneys | Mobile, AlabamaFuthermore, the lawsuit claims that Fumizer doesn’t list the ingredients in its e-cig. This fails to warn consumers that they may be smoking a product that contains propylene glycol which can cause coughing and irritation.

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