Motorcycle accidents present unique hazards to the driver that are not present in other forms of motor vehicle accidents. Due to the lack of protection provided by motorcycles, these accidents involve a complex interaction of human, vehicle, and environmental factors not typically present in auto accidents. As a result, motorcycle accidents are violent events, and injuries are often substantially more serious, often fatal.

A High Frequency of Serious Injuries

Approximately 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in injury or death to the driver. This figure is much higher than the percentage of people injured in auto accidents. There are several reasons why motorcycle accidents result in more injuries:

  • Motorcycles are not enclosed and therefore do not provide the driver with any protection from head or bodily injuries
  • Motorcycle ejection is common during these accidents
  • When a motorcyclist is ejected from a motorcycle, he will hit any objects in his path, including the ground, with a great deal of force

Motorcycle injuries are often very serious and require substantially longer rehabilitation time. As a result, these injuries are often far more expensive than those sustained in other types of motor vehicle accidents.

The insurance industry has revealed that:

  • 23% of motorcycle accident victims sustain injuries in multiple locations
  • 18% of motorcycle accident victims suffer head injuries resulting in permanent disability
  • 10% of motorcycle accident injuries occur to the back or spine, and many of these result in paralysis

Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle accidents often result in the following types of injuries:

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