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The popular cold remedy, Zicam, has now been linked to about 130 cases of people losing their sense of smell. The popular cold product contains Zinc, a mineral that can harm the nerves within the nose that allow you to smell.

All consumers using the product have been told they should throw away any Zicam to make sure they don’t suffer any loss of smell. People who have lost their sense of smell after using the product can contact defective product attorneys in their area to find out if they can recover compensation from the company that produces Zicam.

Until now, the FDA has not approved or warned against Zicam because it falls into a category of drugs that don’t require FDA approval for sale. Zicam is categorized as a homeopathic cold remedy, and it uses various herbs and minerals to help you recover from the common cold.

The loss of smell from using Zicam can be permanent and life threatening. For instance, a person without the sense of smell may not be able to detect a gas leak or the presence of smoke in a burning house.

If you use Zicam cold remedy and have experienced any loss of smell after using the product, you can contact the defective product attorneys, Long & Long in Mobile, Alabama to find out if you can recover compensation.

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