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Improperly Loaded Trucks | Mobile truck accident attorneysAccidents involving improperly loaded trucks often result in more serious injuries and complex cases than typical auto collisions. The Mobile truck accident attorneys at Long & Long have decades of combined experience and a distinguished record of successful settlements in truck accident claims.

Determining liability in a truck accident case can be complicated. While auto accidents generally only involve two drivers, truck accidents may involve several potentially liable parties. If an accident occurs due to improperly loaded cargo, the driver, the trucking company and the person who loaded truck may all share some responsibility.

Improperly loaded trucks usually haul cargo that is:


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires cargo to be firmly secured with shoring bars, tie downs or other devices of adequate strength. Improperly secured items such lumber, pipes, appliances or even other cars can create dangerous, unexpected obstacles in roadways. Poorly secured loads can also shift suddenly within a trailer, resulting in possible rollovers.


Even when cargo is securely fastened, it can still be dangerous if the weight within the trailer is not evenly distributed. Unbalanced cargo may lead to heavy sidedness or raised centers of gravity, increasing the likelihood of rollovers.


Trucks that are loaded beyond their weight capacity are at greater risk of tipping over.  Overloaded trucks also put a greater strain on tire and braking systems, requiring a longer distance to stop completely.

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