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Over 30 states have decided to ban the installation of Trinity guardrail systems and at least one state has already begun removing the defective guardrails from their roads. In a massive lawsuit, a jury found Trinity Industries guilty of fraud against the government for concealing a design change in their guardrail systems.

Though Trinity Industries had their guardrail designs approved by the government, they decided to manufacture the guardrails in a different way. Rather than having the guardrail heads measures five inches, Trinity decide to produce them with four inch rail heads instead. The railheads are supposed to glide along the guardrail and push the metal away from a vehicle upon impact. However, these redesigned railheads don’t give way like that, instead they can pierce and skewer vehicles and the drivers within.

Defective Trinity Guardrails | Alabama AttorneysIn light of discovering that the guardrails may be defective, the Federal Highway Administration has ordered Trinity to perform crash tests to determine if the guardrails are, in fact, defective. However, many states are not waiting for these results and have already banned the guardrails from their roads.

As facts emerge about this story, many lawsuits may be forthcoming. If you’ve been injured in a car accident and believe it may have been due to the guardrail malfunctioning, our Mobile, Alabama car accident attorneys can help you. We offer free case reviews and will help you determine what caused your injuries and how to get compensation for them. Contact Long & Long today or call us at (251) 432-2277.

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