Vehicle defects can cause injuries and death in two ways. Some defects make a vehicle more likely to crash. Other defects do not affect a vehicle's likelihood to crash but cause injuries or fail to protect occupants from injuries when an accident occurs.

Defects That Cause a Vehicle to Crash

Defects that cause accidents affect the safe operation of the vehicle. These defects are often undetectable to the naked eye, and the defective parts may operate normally for some time and then, suddenly fail. Faulty parts and design flaws are both vehicle defects.

Faulty marketing, manuals, safety warnings, and instructions can also fall under this category. Defective RV tires are the result of this type of error: They are designed and tested for use in smaller vehicle and cannot handle the weight of an RV.

Other common vehicle defects which can cause a crash include:

Defects That Increase the Risk of Serious Injury

Some defects do not make a vehicle more likely to crash, but either fail to protect occupants from injury during a crash or cause injuries that would otherwise not have occurred. A vehicle's ability to protect occupants in the event of an accident is called crashworthiness.

Faulty safety devices at best fail to provide protection, and at worst cause injuries or death in accidents that otherwise would have caused minor injuries or no injuries at all. Faulty air bags can actually cause an accident by going off at inappropriate times.

Weak SUV roofs can allow roof crush during a rollover accident, causing avoidable catastrophic injuries and death.

Fuel system defects, including leaks and poorly placed gas tanks lead to fuel-fed fires and explosions.

Faulty door latches allow doors to fly open during a crash ejecting occupants, or can allow doors to come open during normal operation of the vehicle.

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