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This month, the Food and Drug Administration has released its first ever estimate of the quantity of antibiotics used in US animals raised for food. This year, the FDA has been looking into the problem of drug-resistant bacteria and the extent to which antibiotics used in meat production may contribute to the evolution of these superbugs.

The FDA estimates that 29 million pounds of antibiotic drugs were sold to meat producers in 2009 alone. This new look at antibiotic use in meat production comes on the heels of increased food safety oversight powers granted to the FDA by Congress. The agency now has the power to issue mandatory product recalls of tainted food. Consumer advocates continue to push for increased oversight and mandatory recall authority for the FDA for dangerous drugs and defective consumer products.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have become a widespread problem in Alabama and across the country, and while most infections occur in the healthcare sector, many Americans are worried that antibiotics in meat may allow these superbugs to thrive. Drug-resistant germs can develop in places where disinfectants and antibiotics are frequently used, such as hospitals and nursing homes.

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