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To live in a nursing home, regulations require that residents be physically or mentally incapable of caring for themselves. Due to these circumstances, many elderly nursing home residents become victims of nursing home abuse. While some people may be aware of the physical and verbal abuse victims can suffer, they may simultaneously lack awareness about the financial exploitation that can occur within negligent nursing homes; all present a clear danger to the elderly and their family. Oftentimes, nursing home residents are physically and mentally incapacitated, which makes proving a nursing home abuse or neglect case difficult. The skilled nursing home abuse attorneys at Long & Long are ready to assist you with an investigation so you can obtain compensation for the pain and injuries of your beloved family member.

Types of Financial Exploitation

Alabama Local News recently reported the financial exploitation of four nursing home residents in the state. Kimberly Bisslessi Eddins was arrested after evidence surfaced that she secretly signed up the residents for insurance in order to receive the commissions on the sales of these insurance packages. Eddins accumulated over $3,800 in commissions and the residents were charged untold fees in premiums. When negligent nursing home staff is able to access the confidential information necessary to sign up residents for these schemes, loved ones often suffer the consequences. Some of the ways nursing home residents may be financially exploited include:

  • Cashing an elderly person’s checks without authorization
  • Stealing a resident’s money or possessions
  • Forging an elderly person’s signature
  • Deceiving a resident into signing a contract, will or other document
  • Denying a resident’s access to their own funds or home

If you suspect the financial exploitation of your loved one in a Mobile or Baldwin County nursing home, please contact the experienced Alabama nursing home abuse attorneys at Long & Long. To learn more about your case, call or email us today to schedule your free case consultation.

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