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On May 22, 2007, Orlando firefighter Bob Flamily died due to cardiac problems and complications from hepatitis C after a several-year battle with these illnesses. In 1996, Flamily retired from firefighting when he was diagnosed with work-related cardiac problems. At the time of his retirement, he signed an agreement with the city to receive a little over a $100,000 in workers’ compensation and full-disability pension.

However, at the time he signed the agreement, he did not know he also had the blood-borne virus hepatitis C; Flamily had had abnormal blood test results during his annual physicals with the city but was not told about those results. Flamily and other firefighters sued the city and the city settled with the group for $600,000.

Flamily then challenged his workers’ compensation agreement claiming he entered into it under false pretenses in 1996, and therefore, was entitled to get more money. A trial court agreed, and the city was ordered to pay an additional $140,000 to Flamily. However, the city appealed that decision and won. Now his widow is fighting in the Florida Supreme Court; but the judges have not yet ruled on the case.

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