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The Alabama Department of Transportation is rolling out new left turn signals that you need to be certain that you understand before driving. These next-generation turn signals will have four different arrows, so please educate yourself before taking to the streets.

Green left turn light. Our Mobile, Alabama accident attorneys can help you if you are injured due to a traffic light

The signals are being rolled out in Baldwin and Birmingham Counties to get the public used to them before they get released to the rest of the state. According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, they have decided to implement the four-arrow traffic signals because the Federal Highway Administration included them in the national manual of traffic control devices.

The new four-arrow traffic lights will have the following:

  • Solid green arrow — indicates that opposing traffic is stopped and you can safely make a left turn
  • Solid yellow arrow — opposing traffic is about to be allowed to go straight, so stop making left hand turns
  • Solid red arrow — opposing traffic has right-of-way and you cannot turn left
  • Flashing yellow arrow — once you’ve yielded to opposing traffic and/pedestrians, you can make a left-hand turn

In order to avoid further automobile accidents, our Mobile, Alabama car accident attorneys at Long & Long encourage you to exercise caution when approaching these new lights and take some time to get adjusted to them. We wish for our community to be as safe as possible and trust that, with some adjustment, these new lights will offer that safety. For help with an automobile accident or injury case, please contact Long & Long today by calling (251) 432-2277.

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