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Pulling Your Medical Records for a Personal Injury Case | Alabama

If you have been hurt and wish to pursue a lawsuit, any Alabama personal injury lawyer will tell you that getting your medical records is critical to building a workable case. Medical records prove that you did suffer an injury and provide a good idea of how serious those injuries were.

Fortunately, the law is on your side when it comes to getting your own medical records. HIPAA, or the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, allows you to obtain copies of your medical records from any health provider in almost all circumstances.

Some restrictions on records you are allowed to access:

  • Your doctor or psychiatrist’s personal notes on your condition–these are considered work materials.
  • If your medical provider is compiling your records for a lawsuit, it can withhold these records.
  • If your doctor reasonably believes viewing your records could endanger your life or physical safety.
  • If your doctor reasonably believes viewing your records could endanger the life or physical safety of another person.
  • Records you have told your doctor you never want disclosed.

In order to get your medical records, you need to contact your medical provider, who should tell you where you need to send your request. It’s best to make your request in writing, so there is a record of the request, and your provider will have specific information you will need to fill out.

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