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A recent report from the FDA has shown that the drug propylthiouracil (which is used to treat Graves’ disease in adults and children) may be more dangerous than methimazole, which has been used in the past. If you or a family member have suffered liver injuries after taking propylthiouracil, you should contact the dangerous drug attorneys at Long & Long to schedule a free case evaluation.

The report released by the FDA showed that recently there have been 32 cases of serious liver damage in Graves’ disease patients taking propylthiouracil. Of these cases, 12 adults have died from liver complications, and 5 have needed liver transplants. Pediatric patients have also suffered one death and six liver transplants from the drug’s serious liver side effects.

Patients with Graves’ disease take propylthiouracil to treat hyperthyroidism, but the report from the FDA suggests that the side effects from taking the drug are more dangerous than past medications. While the FDA has not requested the drug be taken off the market yet, they urge doctors to keep a watchful eye on propylthiouracil patients.

Some of the signs of liver damage caused by propylthiouracil include:

  • Very Dark Urine
  • Yellowish Eyes
  • High Levels of Enzymes

If you believe that you or a loved one has been injured by propylthiouracil in Mobile, Alabama, please contact one of the defective drug lawyers at Long & Long to schedule an initial case evaluation.

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