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The agency responsible for settling claims related to last year’s BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill in Alabama and other Gulf Coast states has ended its relationship with Mississippi law firm Brunini, Grantham, Grower and Hewes.

Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) spokesperson Amy Weiss announced the decision Monday, citing lack of independence on the part of claims czar Ken Feinberg, who works for the Brunini law firm. His firm was revealed by Mobile, Alabama newspaper The Press-Register to have drafted legal contracts for BP offering lucrative kickbacks to university scientists for joining BP’s legal defense team as experts. These contracts referred to Brunini lawyers as “BP attorneys.”

Feinberg had previously claimed that working for both GCCF and BP was not a conflict for the Brunini firm because no individual attorneys would work for both. GCCF rejected that defense Monday, to the relief of many Gulf Coast families seeking compensation for oil spill-related damages.

As maritime accident attorneys, Long & Long represents Mobile, Alabama residents and our other Gulf Coast neighbors harmed by maritime disasters like the BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Therefore, we applaud both the GCCF and the Press-Register for respectively ending and exposing this blatant conflict of interest.

To find out how you can get compensation for damages caused by the BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, please contact the maritime lawyers of Long & Long today for a consultation regarding your potential BP oil spill claim.

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