When you pay your insurance premiums to protect the major investment that is your home, you have a right to expect that your insurance provider honors your claim with adequate compensation and in a timely manner in the event that a natural or man-made disaster occurs. Yet insurance companies sometimes unfairly limit or deny homeowners’ claims in order to protect their own financial interests.

The Mobile, Alabama, insurance claims attorneys at Long & Long are dedicated to helping homeowners achieve fair resolutions with their insurance providers, and we have successfully resolved more than 3,500 claims. If your home has suffered property damage, please call us at (877) 724-7017 for your free claim evaluation.

Homeowners Insurance Damage Claims

We have extensive experience helping Alabama homeowners recover the compensation they need to restore homes damaged by circumstances including but not limited to:

  • Termite infestation
  • Tornadoes
  • Fires
  • Hurricanes
  • Wind
  • Flood
  • Water damage

Insurance policies are often written in ways that make it difficult for policyholders to decipher the extent of coverage they actually have. Our attorneys can evaluate your policy and individual situation, and help you understand your options.

How Our Insurance Claims Attorneys Can Help You

We have the resources to thoroughly investigate your claim, and we retain independent adjusters, contractors and other experts to accurately assess the full extent of your damages. Our lawyers understand the complexities of insurance policies, and we know that many homeowners are not aware of the all the benefits to which they are entitled; we also know that insurance companies want to pay their policyholders as little as possible and sometimes attempt to take advantage of the desperation people feel after a disaster to settle for an inadequate amount.

Working with an experienced insurance claims attorney greatly improves your ability to receive a fair settlement, and our lawyers work with policyholders on a contingency-fee basis. This means we don’t charge you a fee unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

If your home was damaged due to a natural or man-made disaster, or if you believe your insurance company has unfairly denied or devalued your claim, please contact Long & Long online or by phone at (877) 724-7017 today for your free consultation. Our attorneys welcome clients from the greater Mobile area, across Alabama and throughout the Gulf Coast.