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If you own a single or double stroller, check the serial number. B.O.B. Trailers has issued a massive recall of 337,000 defective strollers. These defective baby strollers have a canopy with a drawstring that babies and small children can get tangled in and choke. The recall was announced after an 11-month-old girl was reportedly saved from strangulation by her mother in the nick of time.

The defective strollers subject to this recall have been sold at REI, buy buy Baby, BabiesRUs.com, Target.com, and Amazon.com since April 2002. The recall affects eleven models of baby strollers:

ModelSerial # rangesSport Utility Stroller12362 – 35107 AA00001 – AA025490Sport Utility Stroller D’Lux12362 – 35107 AB000001 – AB007940Ironman®800000 – 803700 AC000001- AC027923Sport Utility Duallie002001 – 008068 AD000001 – AD011252Ironman® DuallieAE000001 – AE008909RevolutionAF000001 – AF189112Revolution 12”AK000001 – AK024149Stroller Strides®AG000001 – AG011163Revolution DuallieAH000001 – AH072921Revolution Duallie 12”AL000001 – AL012657Stroller Strides® DuallieAM000001 – AM003229

If you think you might have one of these defective products, you can find the serial number on the back right leg of the stroller. If your stroller is affected by this defective product recall, stop using it until you remove the dangerous drawstring.

The stroller’s manufacturer offers instructions for parents with defective strollers on their website. If your child has been hurt by one of these strollers, you can report it to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) online, and then talk to one of our Alabama product liability attorneys about starting a defective product injury lawsuit.

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