Currently Reviewing Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma Claims

Flooding damage from hurricanes like Harvey and IrmaDid the recent hurricanes in Florida or Houston damage your home, business or other property? If so, the experienced attorneys at Long & Long can help you get the insurance benefits you are owed. If your insurance company is delaying, denying or low-balling your claim, our attorneys can help. We know how to review your coverage and see if the insurance company is acting inappropriately or in bad faith.

If you live in Alabama or Florida, please call us at  (877) 724-7017.

In Texas, please call 71​3-863-0333, or visit our Houston website.

While you aren't required to hire a lawyer to help you with your insurance claim, doing so can increase your odds of a successful recovery. Here are just a few of the things we can help with:

  • Ensuring damage from Irma or Harvey is covered under your plan
  • Determining whether wind damage, flood damage or both are covered under your plan
  • Determining if you have a deductible
  • Filing your insurance claim accurately
  • Identifying whether improper tactics are being used by the insurance company to deny or delay your payment
  • Identifying whether the insurance company is not offering you as much money as they should be

At a time like this, the insurance companies are being inundated with claims related to hurricane Harvey and Irma damage. Even when they are acting in good faith to resolve your claim, the volume of claims they are dealing with means things can be missed or slip through the cracks. 

Experienced Hurricane Insurance Lawyers

Hurricane home damageHurricane insurance claims can be made against your insurance company for failure to pay your hurricane insurance benefits.

If you have hurricane damage and you haven't yet filed a claim, get help from the experienced insurance claim attorneys at Long & Long. That way you will have someone on your side when speaking to your insurance company and your claim will be taken more seriously.

Even if you have already filed a claim and were turned down, or you are just wading through a jungle of red tape, you can use the help of experienced hurricane insurance claim attorneys to help you get the relief you deserve.

Insurance companies are compelled to handle your hurricane insurance claim fairly and with good faith. The reason you buy insurance in the first place is to get help after a crisis to help you recover and get on with your life. Unfortunately, there are times when certain insurance companies decide that profits are more important to their business than the customers who have paid considerable premiums to them for coverage of just such circumstances.

If you or a loved one has a hurricane insurance claim, please call (877) 724-7017 or email our experienced hurricane insurance claim attorneys in Mobile, Alabama to schedule your free consultation. You'll talk to an experienced, knowledgeable attorney—not a paralegal or an assistant. If you are calling from Texas, please call our Houston phone number at 713-863-0333.