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If you got caught up in the traffic jam on Interstate 65 yesterday, you may still be wondering what caused the backup or that plume of black smoke over the highway. Police here in Mobile, Alabama now say that Wednesday’s I-65 traffic jam happened after a Cadillac ran into the fuel tank of an 18-wheeler and started a fire.

The driver of the Cadillac, Curtis Balls, was burned in the fire before trying to flee the scene of the 18-wheeler truck accident. Police later found Balls in a parking lot by Moffett Road, where he was issued a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident and then taken to a local hospital.

The 18-wheeler was totally destroyed by the flames, along with Balls’ Cadillac, but the truck driver himself was uninjured. Semi truck and 18-wheeler accidents can often cause severe injuries or fatalities, especially at highway speeds, so it’s fortunate no one was severely hurt in this particular truck accident.

Our personal injury attorneys’ experience representing victims of truck accident injuries makes us keenly aware of the dangers posed by 18-wheeler accidents, so we are glad to hear that both the trucker and Mr. Balls came through this crash without serious injuries.

As Mobile police investigate what caused this truck accident, the truck accident attorneys at Long & Long urge all Alabama to be aware of 18-wheelers on the road and to drive safely.

If you are ever hurt in an 18-wheeler crash or semi truck accident near Mobile, Alabama, please contact the 18-wheeler accident lawyers of Long & Long right away and we will be ready to help.

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