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When you file an Alabama personal injury lawsuit, the date on which you file is important. According to the state of Alabama’s statute of limitations laws, you must file a personal injury lawsuit no later than two years after the injury occurred! This makes it critical that you talk to a personal injury lawyer from Long & Long as soon after your injury as possible.

However, laws surrounding the statute of limitations can be complex and difficult to keep straight. To help you with some of the basics, Long & Long has an infographic that will help you understand some of the more common deadlines:

Personal Injury Statute of Limitations | Mobile, Alabama | Long & Long

If you believe you have exceeded the time limit at which you should file, you should still contact the Mobile personal injury lawyers at Long & Long. They can examine your case with a free initial review, and may be able to find a way to pursue your lawsuit. Call (251) 432-2277 to schedule an appointment today.

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