BP Oil Spill Case - Represented numerous individuals and small business owners throughout Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana


Residential natural gas explosion - Wrongful Death/Personal Injury Case - Okaloosa County, Florida


Defective Heater Wrongful Death - Baldwin County, Alabama


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Wrongful Death - Mobile County, Alabama


Semi Truck Wrongful Death/Injury Case - Mobile County, Alabama


Semi Truck Personal Injury Case - Shreveport, Louisiana


Maritime/Admiralty -Wrongful Death Case - Mobile County, Alabama


Industrial Accident Wrongful Death Case- Mobile County, Alabama


Industrial Accident/Explosion Burn Injury Case- Baldwin County, Alabama


Semi Truck Accident Wrongful Death Case - Butler County, Alabama


Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death Case involving a failure to properly treat an allergic reaction - Mobile County, Alabama