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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is reminding you to check your tires regularly in order to maximize safety while driving. During this month, you are reminded to pay extra attention to your tires and to learn some basic safety tips to keep your tires in fully-functioning order. When tires are operating properly, it lessens the risk of a car accident, so it’s an important reminder from the NHTSA.

The attorneys at Long & Long remind you to take proper care of your tires during National Tire Safety Week.

It’s important to check your tire pressure regularly. This involves using a tire gauge, which are inexpensive and available at most retailers. Using a tire gauge, you can determine if the pressure in your tires is too high or too low, both of which can cause damage and wear to your tires. The optimal pressure your tires need will depend upon the make and model, so check the tires themselves or ask your local mechanic or dealer.

It’s recommended to get your tires rotated every 7,500 miles, which means you should have this procedure done at every other oil change. A tire rotation helps all of your tires to wear equally and prolongs their life.

If your tires are wearing improperly, this can also affect your car’s alignment, which can be a costly fix.

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