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One of the things to remember about driving near an 18-wheeler is to give that truck plenty of room. Vehicles of that size cannot stop as quickly as a passenger car or smaller truck, nor can they accelerate as quickly or change lines as quickly. The difference in maneuverability between an automobile and a big rig is like the difference between an automobile and a motorcycle. A bike is far more maneuverable than a car.

Big trucks can be involved in a particularly dangerous type of accident – a jackknife accident. This typically happens when road conditions are icy or slick, and the truck driver is turning the cab. The brakes freeze and the truck continues its forward motion out of control, with the cab turned to the side.

Another way a jackknife accident can happen is by the driver braking too suddenly. The drive axle locks before other sets of brakes and in less than a second the truck can be jackknifed and out of control.

In many truck accidents, the truck driver is uninjured while the occupants of passenger cars may be severely injured. However, a jackknife accident is dangerous to the truck driver as well as to any nearby vehicles.

You can read more on our Truck Accident FAQ page.

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