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When you are driving down the highway, few things are more aggravating than someone driving slow in the left lane. Not only can this sort of driving behavior cause traffic jams and countless delays for everyone else on the road, it can be a contributing factor to a car accident, as driving slowly when everyone around you is driving faster does not make you or the cars around you any safer.

To spread awareness of this problem and encourage safer, more considerate driving habits, the National Motorists Association has declared June to be Lane Courtesy Month. The basic principle of lane courtesy is simple: if you are moving slower than the traffic around you, stay in the right-hand lane. Many people do not realize the effect that their habit of driving in the left lane can have on other drivers, so explaining the benefits of lane courtesy is helpful.

Benefits of practicing lane courtesy include:

  • It decreases the likelihood of you being in an accident
  • It gives you and the drivers around you better gas mileage, because there’s less braking and acceleration
  • It reduces traffic congestion
  • It reduces road rage in other drivers

At Long & Long, our auto accident attorneys have seen the results of distracted driving, often in the form of clients who incurred serious damage to their vehicles and their persons as the result of another’s negligence. If you don’t want to be responsible for this type of damage, we urge you to drive safely and with awareness of the cars around you.

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