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Today at about 5 a.m., a big rig was hauling a load of brake drums designed for use in big rigs south along I-65 in Hart County, Kentucky. At a place where the road reduces from three lanes to two, the trucker lost control, crossed the median strip, hit a van, then hit the rock wall alongside the road and caught fire.

The van had 18 people in it, men, women, and children, and ten were killed, including the van driver. The big rig driver was also killed and his entire load burned. The road is shut down, probably for the whole day.

Many groups are investigating this truck accident and the coroners of several counties are helping. Besides the people killed, several others are in critical condition in nearby hospitals. After crossing the median, the truck collided with the van head-on, both going at highway speeds so the destruction was major and the scene has been chaotic for several hours.

It is not yet known why the truck driver lost control of his vehicle. The causes of truck accidents are many and various, and require extensive investigation to pinpoint. In this case, the truck load could have been unbalanced and could have caused the driver’s loss of control as he suddenly had to change lanes. There have been accidents at that place before.

Driver fatigue is a common truck accident cause and this driver may have been driving all night to meet a deadline. Perhaps the truck had not been properly maintained. Eventually the cause or causes will be discovered and lawsuits will no doubt follow.

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