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Sharing the road with commercial trucks has always had its drawbacks, in particular, because of the terror that a commercial truck accident can cause. An accident with a large vehicle is more likely to be fatal that an accident with a smaller vehicle. With this in mind, Congress has twice been ordered to come up with more regimented regulations for commercial truck driver training. However, Congress has not changed the requirements.

Because of the lack of changes, a lawsuit has been filed by a group of safety advocates and the Teamsters union against the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The lawsuit claims that the organization has broken deadlines since 1993 and needs to be forced to increase the regulation of commercial truck driver training.

According to data from the Transportation Department, deaths caused by large trucks went up 4% in 2012 and injuries from large trucks went up 18% in the same year.Truck Driver Accidents - Mobile, Alabama Attorneys

While many national trucking agencies require more extensive training, the current federal requirement is only 10 hours. Because of this and the length of time Congress has been ignoring requests and requirements to change the standard, this lawsuit may serve as a catalyst to change commercial trucking training for good.

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