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Liability for Damages in Truck Accident Cases | Mobile, AlabamaYou may have heard of the recent Alabama truck accident lawsuit in which a truck driver was awarded $14 million after a repair company misplaced a piece of machinery that caused his rig to overturn. In the case, the jury found that the repair company was responsible for a majority of the blame for the driver’s injuries, but that the seat belt manufacturer was also partially responsible.

The particulars of the case were already fairly complex, and this was an accident that only involved one vehicle. What if the truck, upon overturning, had struck another car on the road? If you were struck by an overturning truck while driving, there would be several different parties that could be responsible for the accident.

To know who is liable for damages in a truck accident case, there are a few questions you should be able to answer:

  • Was the truck driver’s behavior on the road illegal, reckless, or otherwise negligent?
  • Did road conditions contribute to the accident?
  • Did defective equipment on the truck contribute to the accident?
  • Did the negligent behavior of another driver that escaped the crash contribute to the conditions that led to the accident?
  • Did your car have defective equipment or systems that led to the crash or made your injuries worse than they would otherwise be?

Depending on the answers to these questions, you could have grounds for a lawsuit against a variety of parties. To learn who is most likely liable for your truck accident, contact the experienced truck accident attorneys at Long & Long for a free case review. We serve clients in Mobile, Alabama and the surrounding areas, and can be reached by calling (251) 432-2277.

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