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In the wake of a massive General Motors recall that has already recalled upwards of 27 million vehicles, a class action lawsuit has now been filed that is seeking over $10 billion due to the fact that the recalls have dropped vehicle worth.

This soon-to-be class action lawsuit seeks compensation for those that own or lease a GM vehicle manufactured between July 2009 and July 2014. It is for those that still own their vehicle or sold it after the recalls began in February of 2014. The suit also includes those that had an accident in their GM vehicle after the recalls began rolling out.

Mobile Alabama Lawyers | GM RecallThere is a possibility of over 20 million customers joining the suit due to the massive amount of people affected by these recalls.

The primary facets of the lawsuit will be the following:

  • Those injured from a recalled vehicle
  • Wrongful death that occurred from a recalled vehicle
  • The diminished value of a GM vehicle
  • Lack of resale value in a GM vehicle

At Long & Long, our defective product and accident lawyers have experience with recalls and the injuries or wrongful death that occurs from them. We can help you determine if you should file a personal lawsuit against GM, join the class-action suit, or both. We will help you navigate your lawsuit and determine exactly what your settlement could be.

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