When a medical professional fails in his or her professional duties, and the patient sustains injury due to this failure, that patient may have recourse to sue to recover his or her losses.

Medical malpractice can be difficult to establish, as it requires an understanding of medicine and of medical practices, so that a standard of care can be established. Medicine is a complicated field, and at times, even the best of care can end up causing injury. To establish medical malpractice, the case must show that the medical professional tasked with providing care was incompetent or negligent in doing so.

Some of the common types of medical malpractice cases our Mobile medical malpractice attorneys handle are:

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Frequently Asked Questions: Medical Malpractice

I want to sue my doctor for medical malpractice. What is involved in doing that?

Medical malpractice cases are probably the most difficult and most expensive cases we handle. Even if you have all of the facts on your side, they are still extremely difficult to win. For those reasons, we have a very rigorous screening process for these cases. Generally, unless a person has suffered a very severe injury, such as paralysis or loss of limb, or wrongful death, we do not take these cases.

Because we work strictly on a contingency basis, we will never charge you fees if you do not recover damages.

Any Other Questions?

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