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A member of the Alabama state senate has been named the subject of a medical malpractice lawsuit. The lawsuit was brought against Dr. Larry Stutts, who successfully ran for Alabama state senate in 2014, by a woman whom he treated in July of 2013. The lawsuit alleges that the doctor prescribed a medication for his patient that needed to be administered by a skilled nurse.

According to the lawsuit, however, the doctor failed to instruct either the patient or the medical service providing the medication that a nurse needed to give the patient her meds. Instead, the medical service, Gentiva Health Services, showed the patient’s husband how to administer them, leading to the patient suffering severe injury when she was accidentally dosed with toxic levels of the medication.

Gentiva Health Services has been named as a defendant in the lawsuit as well.

Under normal circumstances, the statute of limitations for a medical malpractice lawsuit in Alabama is two years, although there can be exceptions to this rule. By filing suit over a July 2013 procedure in June of 2015, however, the patient is ensuring that her lawsuit can’t be dismissed for being outside the statute of limitations.

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