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St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach is being sued for a large unknown amount (in the hundreds of millions) for a medical mistake made in September 2008. A pregnant woman by the name of Tesome Sampson came to the Center in premature labor at just 24 weeks. She was admitted and put on bed rest. After ten days Sampson was given a drug which caused bad cramps and was told she should have a bowel movement. A portable toilet was brought for her and her baby was born into it.

The drug given was Prostin E2 which is FDA-approved for terminating pregnancies and expelling the uterine contents – that is, the baby, after it has died from the drug’s effects. It is also used to speed up labor. This was a serious medical error – as Sampson should have been given a drug to slow her labor down. It was medical malpractice.

The baby was two months premature and has severe brain damage. She is almost a year old now and still hospitalized. Her parents have already been billed for over $3.5 million for her life support – a shunt that relieves pressure on her brain, feeding tubes and other care.

The attorney representing Sampson and the baby’s father, one Frank Guy, stated, “This is the most horrific case I’ve handled. It is absolutely outrageous and I think requires a criminal investigation.”

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