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During this first week in February, the American Burn Association uses this opportunity to join with other organizations raising awareness about the dangers of burns, especially in the home. A severe burn can cause severely debilitating injuries and even death, though, with the proper precautions they are completely avoidable.

The American Burn Association offers suggestions for the prevention of burns to older adults that are still cooking for themselves. They also have some very important tips to protect your children from severe burns.

Burn Safety Suggestions For Older Adults Still Cooking:

  • Use protection from heat, like oven mitts
  • Be careful when cooking with grease
  • Have working smoke alarms
  • Don’t wear loose clothing
  • Don’t leave food unattended while cooking

Pediatric Scald Prevention:

  • Set water heater so it can never exceed 120 degrees  — not only can a child’s skin become scalded, but inhalation of water higher than this can cause internal organ damage and even death
  • Protect your children by blocking them from certain areas of the kitchen
  • Watch where you place hot drinks
  • Use the back burners when cooking
  • Never leave a child unattended in the bath
  • Don’t let a child adjust the temperature of the bath
  • Mobile, AL Burn Injury Attorneys Don’t allow appliance cords to dangle

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