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National Safety Month is intended to draw attention to the leading causes of preventable injury and death at home, at work, and on the road. An effort of the National Safety Council, National Safety Month is a good time to reflect on our behaviors and how they impact the safety of those around us. However, even the most courteous and cautious among us cannot prevent someone else from behaving thoughtlessly and causing harm. When this happens, the Alabama personal injury attorneys at Long & Long are here to help.

The Home Safety Council reports that falls are the leading cause of injury in the home, but for the first year ever, poisoning has becomes the leading cause of death. The biggest contributor to this uptick in at-home poisonings? Prescription narcotics – often which are irresponsibly prescribed and inadequately monitored.

OSHA reports that falls and overexertion are the leading causes of workplace injury. Overexertion can include injuries related to pushing and pulling, lifting, holding and carrying, or throwing actions. Falls on the same level are the second leading cause of injury at work. Falls to a lower level come in at number four.

Unsurprisingly, distracted driving continues to be the leading cause of injury and death in car accidents according to the National Safety Council and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Distraction includes using a handheld cellphone for texting or talking, using an on-board entertainment or communications system, adjusting the radio, reading a map or GPS, personal grooming, rubbernecking, and anything else that takes a drivers eyes off of the road.

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