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A teenager from the Chicago area, Thomas Foust, is being called a hero after he saved an elderly woman from being hit by two trains. Foust and two friends pulled the woman from her car after it got stuck on train tracks in the northern Chicago suburb of Glenview, Illinois.

Foust was driving behind the woman Saturday night when her car turned onto the tracks and just stopped. Foust, who is a lifeguard, put his car in park and jumped out. He and his friends ran up to the woman’s car and got her door open. They unclipped her seatbelt and pulled her to safety. They were ten feet away from the woman’s car when the train hit six seconds later.

Shattered glass and debris flew all around, and Foust and his friends shielded the woman from getting hit. The first train to hit the woman’s car was an Amtrak train headed to Milwaukee, and the impact of that train spun her car onto an adjacent track where another train traveling from Milwaukee to Chicago hit it a second time.

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