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Patrick Juneau, the court-approved administrator of claims related to the 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill, has been relatively quiet through the recent appeal by BP over what the company believes are the approval of excessive and in some cases fictitious claims. Juneau, however, recently broke his silence in the wake of a column in The New York Times that criticized the settlement process and characterized Juneau as a “good-ole boy plaintiff’s lawyer.” Juneau’s response states that not only did he spend much of his legal career as a defense attorney, but he also offers a reminder that both BP and the plaintiff’s steering committee recommended him for the position. Although Juneau does not address BP’s pending appeal, it is important to note that BP agreed to the terms of the settlement in addition to Juneau’s authority in adhering to the boundaries of the settlement, regardless of how loose BP now feels those boundaries are. A federal appeals court that last week heard BP’s arguments regarding the oil spill claims process has set no deadline for its decision, although a ruling is expected by September at the latest. Meanwhile, the Mobile, Alabama, attorneys at Long & Long continue to help those impacted by the BP oil spill prepare and file their claims under the terms of last year’s multidistrict lawsuit settlement. We are currently evaluating potential claims related to:

Many business owners and property owners from the Gulf Coast states of Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana who are likely eligible to file claims have not yet done so. Please contact Long & Long today for your free oil spill claim consultation.

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