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When you place your baby or child in a child safety seat, you expect it to keep your child snugly in place while you drive, and if the worst should happen, prevent or minimize injuries in an auto accident. A defective car seat not only fails to deliver the protection you expect, but can be the cause of serious or fatal injuries.

Common Defects

Hundreds of car seat models have been recalled for known defects. There is no way to know how many defects go unreported. Common car seat defects and failures include:

  • Harness failure
  • Buckle failure
  • Shoulder straps which come loose or unclip during an accident, allowing the seat to launch
  • The area where the seatbelt attaches to the car seat breaks or bends, allowing separation of the seat from the base, allowing the seat to launch
  • Inadequate support which allows a child to slip down in the car seat during an accident
  • Padding inadequate to provide protection from injury
  • Poor shell design
  • Inadequate instruction manuals

Instructions and Installation

Manufacturers have a duty to provide instructions that are clear and accurate. More than 80% of car seats are improperly installed because the instruction manuals are too complicated or unclear. When a car seat is not installed properly, it cannot function properly.

How Defective Car Seats Cause Injury

Injuries caused by a defective car seat can occur during an accident, or during normal driving when braking or turning sharply.

If your child is held too loosely, he or she can be thrown around in the car seat, striking parts of the seat and the interior of the vehicle, causing neck and brain injuries. Some defects can allow full ejection from the seat, while others cause the seat itself to be launched.

Injuries typically caused by defective car seats include:

  • Brain injuries
  • Skull fractures
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Torn spinal cord
  • Internal injuries
  • Severe facial lacerations
  • Bruising
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Death

If your child has been injured in an auto accident in Mobile or anywhere in Alabama, and you believe it is the result of a defective car seat, it is important that you speak with one of our experienced defective product attorneys today. Defective car seat claims can be extremely complex.

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