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Property Insurance Claims

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Hurricane Harvey damage claims in TexasProperty owners and business owners pay for insurance to protect themselves in the event of an unexpected natural or man-made disaster. But, insurance companies sometimes attempt to limit or deny legitimate claims when their policyholders need help most.

The insurance claims attorneys at Long & Long are dedicated advocates for policyholders from the greater Mobile area, across Alabama and throughout the Gulf Coast, including Texas. Our lawyers have successfully handled more than 3,500 claims, and we may be able to help you pursue the financial benefits you need to restore your home or business. Please call us in Mobile at (251) 432-2277, and in Houston at (713)-863-0333, for your FREE claim evaluation.

Types of Property Insurance Claims

Our attorneys are focused on obtaining fair resolutions for our clients in:

Given how much you pay for insurance, you expect that receiving benefits will be a given when the day comes that you actually need to file a claim. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case. Insurance adjusters are always trying to reduce the amount of compensation they pay out to policyholders. Their job is to protect the company’s bottom dollar, not yours.

If your insurance company is giving you the runaround, make sure you don’t settle for less than you deserve. At Long & Long, P.C., we handle many different types of insurance claims. The most common cases we deal with are outlined below.

Commercial Property Claims

When a natural or manmade disaster damages commercial property, the goal of every business owner is to get their company back up and running as quickly as possible. The insurance company knows this, and will try to take advantage of your desperate situation by offering you less compensation than you are really entitled to. They know that if you try to fight for more benefits, the process will seriously delay your ability to get back to business. In extreme cases, this delay can even cause you to lose your business.

Don’t get caught in a situation where you are forced to settle for less than you deserve. By working with our policyholder attorneys from the start, you can improve your chance of receiving a fair offer from your insurance company. We will send our own adjusters and experts out to determine the true value of your commercial property damage claim.

Business Income Loss Claims

A business income loss claim (also known as a “business interruption claim”) is meant to cover losses above and beyond commercial property damage. For many businesses, the amount of income lost during business interruption is much greater than the value of the physical property damage. Recouping this lost income is crucial in order to keep your business operating.

Business loss insurance claims are complex. If you do not file your claim correctly the first time, it can be very difficult to correct it. Our experienced Alabama insurance claims attorneys will work with you to accurately estimate your losses, analyze your policies, and file a complete claim using the right information.

Residential Property Claims

When your home is damaged or lost in a natural or manmade disaster, it is nothing less than crisis for you and your family. Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of how desperate and distraught you are. You may have property insurance that also covers living expenses and the value of your belongings, in addition to the cost of your home damage.

Insurance companies will send adjusters and contractors to your home to make estimates, but it’s important to remember that the adjuster’s estimate is merely an opinion, and does not reflect the actual value of your claim.

Insurance Coverage Disputes

When insurance companies act in bad faith, you have the right to hold them accountable. Under Alabama law, unless you have signed a legally binding document releasing your rights, you can potentially file a breach of contract lawsuit against your insurance company for withholding benefits.

Our attorneys will always try to resolve your dispute out of court: sometimes, presenting the facts to the insurance company in a way that highlights the mistakes they have made is all it takes to win fair compensation. Regardless, we are prepared to take your case all the way to trial if that’s what is necessary to help you win.

We have represented residential and commercial property owners in claims arising from circumstances including:

  • Termite damage
  • Tornadoes
  • Fires
  • Hurricanes
  • Wind
  • Floods
  • Water damage

Our attorneys also have experience with disputes related to construction defects.

Experienced Legal Representation for Property Owners

Flooding following hurricane harveyOur goal is to reach a just insurance resolution for you while relieving your stress and allowing you to move forward with your life. Our attorneys have extensive experience in property insurance claims, and we work with a group of experts to:

  • Evaluate the extent of property damage
  • Assess the required repairs
  • Quantify the value of the claim

We understand the emotional and financial impacts coping with severe property damage can have on policyholders. We also understand the tactics insurance companies use to devalue or deny valid claims, and we work hard to recover the benefits to which you’re entitled.

Construction Defect Claims

If you discovered a potential construction defect in your home, residential development, or commercial property, it’s important to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

The skilled attorneys at Long & Long are committed to helping property owners from the greater Mobile area, across Alabama, and throughout the Gulf Coast achieve satisfactory resolutions in construction defect disputes. Please call us at (251) 432-2277 for your free case review.

Types of Construction Deficiencies

Construction defects generally fall into one of the following basic categories:

  • Design defects: A flaw in the architecture or engineering of a structure
  • Material defects: Faulty building materials
  • Construction defects: Deficiencies in the actual construction of a property
  • Subsurface defects/geologic hazards: Inadequately addressed issues stemming from volatile subsurface conditions, sloping land, or other geologic hazards

The types of construction defects within these categories are virtually endless and may include electrical wiring problems, issues with structural integrity, water intrusion, inadequate sealing and insulation, defective plumbing, cracked or unstable foundation, and improperly installed roofing, windows, or floors.

Attorneys Dedicated to Property Owners

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of building practices backed by a record of success representing property owners in more than 3,500 insurance claims. We also work with architects, engineers and other experts to thoroughly investigate the extent of the construction defects.

Disputes stemming from construction defects can be too complex and challenging to handle without the help of qualified legal representation. These cases may also involve multiple parties, including contractors, materials suppliers, construction companies, and engineers, as well as their respective attorneys.

Working with a knowledgeable lawyer can help ensure that your rights are protected and that a timely and fair resolution can be reached.

Commercial Property and Business Interruption Insurance Claims

In the aftermath of suffering damage from a natural or human-caused disaster, it’s critical for commercial property owners and business owners to get the help they need from their insurance providers in order to repair and reopen. Insurance companies, however, sometimes try to devalue or deny the full compensation to which policyholders are entitled.

The Mobile, Alabama, insurance claims attorneys at Long & Long represent policyholders in pursuit of the full coverage they need to restore their businesses. Our lawyers have successfully helped policyholders from Alabama and throughout the Gulf Coast resolve more than 3,500 claims; please call us at (251) 432-2277 to learn how we can help you.

Commercial Property Insurance Claims

Like most insurance contracts, commercial property insurance policies are written in a manner that can make it difficult for policyholders to understand exactly what is covered. Insurance providers also understand that in the wake of a disaster, you’re anxious to get your property repaired and business back up and running. Don’t agree to a fast settlement offer without first consulting a knowledgeable lawyer.

Our attorneys have an extensive record of success in helping commercial property owners receive fair compensation for their damages. We understand the complex language of insurance policies, and we work hard to ensure your best interests are protected. Our law firm has the resources to conduct a detailed assessment of your damage and work with the independent adjusters, contractors and other professionals necessary to support your claim.

Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Business interruption insurance — also known as business income insurance — is intended to help business owners recover lost revenue and other operating expenses in the event that they have to temporarily close due to a disaster, such as a fire.

Business income insurance may be added to business owners’ property insurance policies, but it is neither included in every business property insurance plan nor is it available as an individual policy. For many businesses, the income that would have been earned had disaster not occurred is greater than the amount of the physical property damage; regaining this lost income can be critical to supporting yourself, paying operational expenses and maintaining your business as repairs are made.

Business interruption claims are especially complicated, and income losses are based primarily on previous revenue and historical fixed costs, such as rent, electricity and other operating expenditures. Our insurance claims lawyers can help you understand the extent of your coverage and assemble a comprehensive claim for a fair settlement on your behalf.

Termite Infestation Insurance Claims

If you’re facing the overwhelming costs of termite infestation and related damage, but your homeowners insurance provider is denying you the help you need and to which you believe you’re entitled, the Mobile insurance claims attorneys at Long & Long may be able to help.

Please call us at (251) 432-2277 for your free consultation. Our lawyers have successfully resolved more than 3,500 property insurance claims for policyholders across Alabama and throughout the Gulf Coast, and we work on a contingency-fee basis, which means we don’t charge unless we recover compensation for you.

Why You Should Call an Insurance Claims Attorney

Insurance policies are written with intentionally complex legal language that can make them difficult for policyholders to interpret. While not all homeowners insurance policies include coverage for termite infestation, some insurance providers disguise pest coverage with vague language, and attempt to mislead policyholders as to the extent of compensation for which homeowners are eligible.

Even when insurance companies honor termite claims, they also seek ways to pay you as little as possible. Our attorneys are proud to advocate for homeowners, and we can help ensure that your insurance company doesn’t cheat you out of a fair settlement. For additional information on tactics insurance providers use to limit or deny claims, please see our Insurance Bad Faith page.

How Our Lawyers Can Help You

The Mobile, Alabama, lawyers at The Long Brothers have detailed knowledge of business and residential insurance claims, and we have an established record of success helping policyholders receive the full extent of their rightful coverage. We can thoroughly assess your policy and help you understand your options. We also work with independent adjusters and other experts to accurately evaluate your unique circumstances and the extent of damages.

Your home is a significant investment, and when you’re confronted with a problem such as a termite infestation that threatens the integrity of that investment, working with an attorney on your insurance claim can improve your ability to receive fair compensation.

To learn how we can help you with your homeowners, commercial property, or business interruption insurance claim, please call us for a FREE case review. You can reach us from Houston, Texas, at (713)-863-0333 or from Mobile, Alabama, at (251) 432-2277.

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